Stress.... Okay. Stress is one of the things that builds up on you every single day of your life when you have responsibilities. Lets start off with an example of a man that has a family and that works with business in the city. I'm just going to say that he works about 8-10 hours everyday at his job and gets paid about $7560 per month. He constantly works everyday with different tasks and different things to do deal with that are going to need to be done by the next day or by the end of the week. At the same time the business man has a family and he needs to feed his family every day so they wouldn't be in hunger through out the day. Next he has this task he has to do by the end of the week and he still has to pay his bills for the month. The Electric Bill, Water Bill, and so on and so forth... Well the point is that all these things build up on you and you don't know what to do so you begin to become sensitive and it's not good for you for your health. One of the solutions that you can do is to prioritize your self but staying on track like have a notebook or sticky notes. Writing down all of the things you have to do will relieve your mind and you wont feel insecure of what to do next. There can be more other ways to deal with stress.

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