"Patience is a virtue." If you ever heard of this quote then that's good to know. Patience can be used for many things especially waiting. We all have different ways to control it and some people don't have patience. For the people that have patience and can wait for as long it takes can be a good thing but on the other hand some people can't wait so they would usually take into action. The people without patience can get into serious problems such as crossing streets with a red light or cut into a busy line to a restaurant with some costumers that have been waiting for a long time. The people that have patience can get something good out of it. You may have anxiety if you don't know what to decide to do. If you want to work on your patients then try being in some situations for as long needed. If you maintain yourself constantly without acting then you have patients. When your waiting just think of the great things that are ahead of you or try distracting yourself on a specific thing. Having patience can help you and your life. The time is ticking but just take it easy.

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