Depression is something difficult to deal with and it can do with a loss of someone/something or the lost of hope. Anyone can have depression and some people can hide it from others. If you or anyone experiences depression then there will be a lot or little changes through out the life of one another. Mostly any body that has delt with depression has been helped by others or they just let it go to forget what has happened. If you feel down because you feel like you have lost hope, you can just look for better ways that can help benefit your life. For an example a dog that is loved by his/hers owner passes on because of old age or some difficulties that hurt the dog, the loss of the dog will cause great impact to the owner so in which they feel very down or mentally hurt. Some people are hurt because they feel that they can escape the past. There are alot of ways to get back on your feet and you can be yourself again. Living in fear, agony, sadness, and sappy behaviors is not healthy for you. There can be other reasons why your down but there is an answer from others perspectives.

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