One of the most things that mostly all humans have to deal with in some situations is anger and frustration. I'm going to come up with an example of a man that has to go to the groceries for his wife, and he still kind of clueless of what he shall get for dinner. The man calls his wife with his phone so they can get an idea of what they shall eat, and his wife is undecidable so the man gets bothered because she's not helping him. Another thing that can affect the situation is the lack of patience you may have. Well back to situation, how to handle a situation like this is to relax your mind and try not to let little things become something big. If you make little things turn into something big, it will get you no where than just anger. How to cope with it is too think if it's something important to you and the other individual that's part of the situation, yelling wont help nor not speaking to the other individual. What you can do is the talk to the other individual with a calm voice and manner about what you dislike about the idea. If your a individual that yells at one another then they wouldn't like who you are. It can effect your behavior and your reputation with other so just take it easy and don't let get to you.

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